St Andrew's, Spratton

The history of this church is described in many different ways.

A brief summary is shown from a pamphlet written a few years ago. More formally, the church has been described in the County's 'Sites and Mounuments' records, with an even more detailed report from Northamptonshire Archaeology in 2013.

A pictorial account describes the development over the centuries of the external architecture of the building; a floor plan of the church describing the development by eras; some of the internal treasures; and the funding history of the 'Friends of St Andrew's Church' which was formed in 1995 and is now called 'St Andrew's Heritage Society'. Also illustrated is a report on the church screens and railings protecting some of the internal monuments. Finally, in this section, there is a historical listing of the vicars of Spratton up to and including 2015, noting that there was a 5-year period with no vicar after Brian Lee retired.

There is a schedule of services and activities in the church, so that you can see what is going on.

Cafe Doris

This was named after the benefactor, Doris Lloyd-Thomas, whose bequest enabled the conversion of part of the church to a community meeting area. This is open on Tuesday and Thursday morning for coffee and other refresments, and was reported on in the Diocesan magazine in November 2014.

Lunch Club

Please see attached for details of this.

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